Ella Weiss

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Never Without Her Heels

Ella Weiss Portrait

“She was the epitome of feminine style. Always put together just so with accessories and everything. We’re talking furs, gloves, purses – the whole nine yards, and she was never seen without her heels,” said Stephanie Weiss, owner of Ella Weiss Wedding Design.

Stephanie’s great-grandmother, Ella, was an elegant woman who defined her own timeless sense of style. She left an impression on everyone she met and her fashionable reputation followed her throughout her life. Ella was diminutive and always carried herself with grace, but at the same time she was undeniably strong, living to be 102 years old. Her sweet and generous personality was always wrapped up in a neat, little package. Feminine, strong and timeless – these are the characteristics that personify Ella Weiss Wedding Design

“My great-grandmother came to mind when I envisioned my boutique. Her demeanor and spirit permeate the feeling of my store. She was a beautiful woman who left a legacy that has inspired me to be a stronger, more confident woman,” said Stephanie.

Ella Weiss Wedding Design is proud to bring designer wedding gowns to the Springfield market. It has been a life long dream of Stephanie’s to give brides the confidence of knowing that they are perfectly put together for their special day. A wedding dress expresses personality and allows the bride to make her own lasting impression.

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