Spring Wedding Trends 2017

Spring is right around the corner and that only means that spring wedding season is coming up quick. What should you expect to see at this year’s spring weddings? We’re here to tell you about five of the biggest spring wedding trends of 2017!

Bold Colors

All-white weddings are out and bright and bold colors are back in. Expect to see a lot less pastels and prepare for bolder colors. There are many ways to incorporate bright colors into your wedding decor such as a bold bouquet, brighter colored bridesmaid dresses, and bright flowers in the floral arrangements.

Lighter Groomswear

Why dress the guys in all black in the most colorful season of the year? With groomswear, there are an array of options other than black. If you want to go with a pastel look, a light grey suit paired with a pastel tie or bow tie would look super chic in your spring wedding. Also, there’s nothing that screams spring more than a guy in a seersucker suit!

Hanging Centerpieces

We first started seeing this trend back in 2015, but it looks like it is here to stay. Hanging centerpieces are unique, exciting, and also saves you tons of table space. With hanging centerpieces, it allows your eyes to dance and gives you something amazing to look at! Mix in some of those bright florals from you bouquet and your hanging centerpieces will definitely not be forgotten.

Bright Bridesmaids

Pastel bridesmaid dresses are typically a go-to for spring weddings but make a bold move and go for a bright color. Cobalt blue or a vivid pink might be the way to go. Since you might already be incorporating bright colors or bright florals into your wedding decor, a pop of color in the bridal party wouldn’t hurt either!

Embrace the rain

You know what they say – “April showers bring May flowers,” so why not just embrace the rain instead of fighting it? Consider using upside down umbrellas as a creative touch of decor, or if you know that it is supposed to rain on your big day, provide umbrellas for your guests and consider pulling out the rain boots!

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