Do You Need A Wedding Planner?

Planning a wedding can be a big, daunting task for the average person. That’s why a wedding planner or coordinator can be a huge help to you. Most of the time, people opt out of a wedding planner because they are on a tight budget, but your planner or coordinator is there to help you stay on track with your budget and sometimes even helps you save money!

There are a range of professionals that fall under the “planner” category that can help with an array of things. You might just need someone to help on the day of your wedding or you might want someone who is there through every aspect of the planning process. Let’s break down the different types of experts that are available to you and find out which one can help you with what you need. Just be cautious – these terms aren’t always used consistently throughout the industry, but they will give you an idea of what to look for when you are interviewing potential planners.

Full Service Planner

A full service planner does it all. They can help you with just about everything from the design concepts to the coordination of events. This is the perfect planner for the couple who is having a complex event, or you simply just want someone to guide you through every step and every detail leading up to the very last minute of your big day.

Event Designer

The main purpose of an event designer is to pull the vision and look of the day together, not necessarily to focus on organizing the logistics, such as the budget or the timeline. Think of this type of planner as an interior designer for you wedding. They will often work with your vendors to bring your dreams and visions to life. This type of planner is perfect for the couple who is great with the organizational side of things but just needs a little extra help on the design side of things.

A La Carte Planner

This part-time pro is there to help you piece the puzzle pieces together. They might help you with the design aspect, direct you to vendors, or help with a specific project. This planner will just be there when you need them and typically charge you an hourly rate or a flat fee for their service. Perfect for the couple who just needs a little push in the right direction!

Day of Coordinator

A day of coordinator makes sure everything runs as smoothly as possible on your big day. They’ll handle your vendors and any setup on your wedding day, as well as any cleanup afterwards to ensure that you and your family members can relax and soak up the memories. This is the perfect choice for a couple who wants to be very hands on in the planning process, but they still want an extra set of hands to help with last minute details.

Here at Ella Weiss, we do offer in house wedding coordinating have a couple different packages for you to choose from. We would love to be a part of your day and help in any way possible! Be sure to call 417-865-0700 to learn more information.

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